Recommended Reading

Some of these books can be found in our Dojo library in the dressing area. There are also teaching stories that demonstrate Aikido principles found in the Articles tab.

AIKIDO, Tokyo 1963 Uyesiba, Kisshomaru

AIKIDO AND THE DYNAMIC SPHERE, Vermont 1970 Westbrook & Ratti

TRADITIONAL AIKIDO, Tokyo 1973-1976 Saito, Morihiro
Vol 1: Basic Techniques
Vol 2: Advanced Techniques
Vol 3: Applied Techniques
Vol 4: Vital Techniques
Vol 5: Training Works Wonders

AIKIDO IN DAILY LIFE, Tokyo 1966 Tohei, Koichi

THIS IS AIKIDO, Tokyo 1966 Tohei, Koichi

AIKIDO – THE WAY OF HARMONY, Shambhala 1984 Stevens, John

THE SPIRIT OF AIKIDO, Kodansha International 1984 Ueshiba, Kisshomaru


THE PRINCIPLES OF AIKIDO, Shambhala 1989 Saotome, Mitsugi

AIKIDO AND THE NEW WARRIOR, North Atlantic Books 1985 Heckler, Richard

IN SEARCH OF THE WARRIOR SPIRIT, North Atlantic Books 1990 Heckler, Richard

CLASSICAL BUDO, New York 1975 Draeger, Donn F

THE SWORD OF NO SWORD, Shambhala 1984 Stevens, John

ABUNDANT PEACE, Shambhala 1987 Stevens, John (O’Sensei Biography)

SECRETS OF THE SAMURAI, Charles Tuttle Co. 1973 Westbrook & Ratti

ZEN IN THE ART OF ARCHERY, New York 1953 Herrigel, Eugene

ZEN MIND, BEGINNERS MIND, Tokyo 1970 Suzuki, Shunryu

ZEN AND THE JAPANESE CULTURE, New York 1960 Suzuki, Daisetsu

THE ULTIMATE ATHLETE, New York 1975 Leonard, George

A BOOK OF FIVE RINGS, Musashi, Miyamoto (New York Victor Harris translation)

TAO: THE WATERCOURSE WAY, New York 1975 Watts, Alan

TAO TE CHING, Lau Tsu (A new translation by Gia-fu & Jane English)

JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF AIKIDO: The Teachings of Motomichi Anno Sensei by Linda Holiday