Commitment to the Aikido of Ashland Dojo and Rank Fees

We have created a wonderful community at Aikido of Ashland and because of this there is a responsibility that comes with being part of the community. Members who have reached the categories of 4th kyu or higher make a financial commitment to support their dojo. This commitment consists of the agreement to pay the regular monthly tuition (see current fee schedule) regardless of the amount of classes attended each month.

With the payment of the regular monthly tuition, members may take an unlimited number classes. If a member of the rank of 4th kyu or higher does not pay tuition for a minimum of 3 months, they are considered an inactive member. Members are encouraged to speak with Freidl Sensei if financial challenges lead to the plan to stop training. He is happy to work something out that will be agreeable for the Dojo and the member.

Sensei schedules examinations for each rank as he feels a member is ready. It is up to the member to decide whether to test for the next rank. Members are encouraged to find their own pace in moving through the ranks. Examinations are an opportunity for each member to measure their progress both in the mastery of Aikido techniques and the Aikido Principles.

A $25.00 fee is paid for each kyu examination at the day of the test. Special fees apply to the dan ranks.