CAA Examination Requirements — Yondan

California Aikido Association (CAA)
Examination Requirements (revised July 2017)
(Prerequisite**: 800 training days and 4 years since obtaining Sandan)


A comprehensive demonstration. Content of the demonstration is at the discretion of the applicant

Multiple attack as directed by the examiners

Optional per Division Head
Submission of an essay on an Aikido-related subject
NOTE: The essay should be submitted to the Division Head prior to the examination.

**Written recommendation from the instructor, to include a record of camps and seminars attended. Please note that the Dan application form requires the training days to be listed, not the number of years of training. Eligibility is counted from the date of registration of the Sandan rank. The date of registration is found in the student’s Yudansha book. The relevant Division Head must be present to officiate the examination unless a Grading Committee member has been approved by the Division Head. This rank is officially the rank of a professional teacher and as such, it is expected that the candidate have some teaching experience at his/her Dojo as provided by the Dojo-cho.