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What makes Aikido of Ashland Unique


Aikido of Ashland offers a wide variety of techniques and styles. Up to five times a year Aikido of Ashland hosts seminars conducted by outside instructors.


Aikido of Ashland’s very strong in combining many different teaching styles and Aikido Styles allowing you to learn in the best possible way.


Aikido is made up of three characters. Ai – meaning unite, Ki – meaning spirit, Do – meaning path. Together these characters mean “The way to harmonize with the spirit of the universe.”


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Sensei Friedl

Chief Instructor, 7th degree black belt
Michael Friedl is a 7th degree black belt in Aikido. Friedl Sensei affiliated with Frank Doran Sensei in 1979. Sensei Friedl is also available for seminars and retreats.
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Rich Walsh

5th Dan Black Belt, Instructor
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Andrew Kim

5th Dan Black Belt, Instructor
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Peter Orange

5th Dan Black Belt
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Lorn Razzano

4th Dan Black Belt
Train without expectation of “result” but rather in the spirit of “path.” There is no magical “line” separating the dojo and the world we live in. Our movements, spirit and mindfulness remain true wherever we find ourselves. Training, in itself, is enrichment.


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